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Rise up, my dear!

When the storm passes by,

I promise you- you will be able to see everything clear.

When the pain inside of you starts to whisper

and your inner wounds start to bleed,

you know it's time to let your heart lead.

Don't let that sadness inside of you grow,

accept what it is,

respect the life flow.

And when you feel like running off,

you know it's time for you to stay.

Be present for whatever it is,

stand still,

just pray.

It even may be that your path became blurry,

but that doesn't mean you have to feed your worry.

Take a good rest knowing:

"There is no need for me to hurry!"

Instead of protecting yourself,

choose to expose to what is,

even more.

Open your ears,

listen to your inner child roar!

Spread your arms,


Open your heart,


Let love inside of you thrive!

No matter what,

stay on this road,

continue to drive!

Respect pain

for making you feel even more alive.

Take a deep breath and,

in the ocean of love, let your consciousness dive.

Find compassion

for each and every being

for not knowing better.

Every relationship you've ever had

is by your soul written letter.

Stay thankful

for the ones

who rejected you,

who hurt you,

made you feel unworthy.

The teachers along your way they are,

as they helped you to become grace- trustworthy.

And, please,

Keep in mind

that every scenario

just makes you wiser.

Don't take this game so seriously,

play with it,

I know You know- YOU'RE A RISER!

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