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Mentoring in the Process of Transition to a Wholesome Plant-Based Diet

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This is the service for you if...

- you are considering a transition to a vegan lifestyle or a whole plant-based diet, or you're at least looking for ways to include more whole foods of plant origin into your diet;

- you want to provide your body with adequate nutrition and all the necessary nutrients;

- you have some specific questions or needs... 


The goal of this individualized mentoring program is to offer professional help and support to all those transitioning to a wholesome plant-based diet and thus empower all those who are ready to step out into this magnificent process of major life changes. 

Today, there is a consensus that a well-balanced diet based only on plant-based foods is a suitable choice for people of all ages. Modern scientific research data shows that it is good for our health, as well as for the planet as a whole. A plant-based diet allows us to protect the flora and fauna of our planet, but also to nurture the different qualities in ourselves, like love and compassion. At this point, there is a vast sea of available information about this form of nutrition and interest in this valuable question is constantly growing. The quantity of this information can seem overwhelming, and it is often confusing: How do we know which information is true and really applicable in our case?

In addition to the information, there are also whole mentoring programs available to us (like the one organized by Vegan Outreach), that make the transition a little easier. And yet, these types of programs lack a professional, individualized approach that can best meet our personal needs. 

Switching to a (whole) plant-based diet requires a certain change in lifestyle, and each major change like that presents us with certain challenges, that help us grow. In this case, various questions can arise, such as: Do we know enough about the diet we want to practice? How to provide the body with all the necessary nutrients? How to adapt nutrition to our health condition or specific fitness goals? How to keep some familiar rituals and tastes in our life? How to maintain our motivation? How to plan our meals? How to respond to the reactions of the people that are close to us? How...?  (Continue these series of questions...:) ) 

At the very beginning, and thanks to the clear, well-structured questionnaire, we will define all your wishes and needs, which will then determine the clear goals of our joint work. Then comes the education phase, in which manuals about plant-based nutrition, followed with all other relevant information are delivered to you. You study those at your own pace. After acquiring general knowledge, we go one step further - we focus on you and your personal needs. Valuable individualized recommendations are then delivered to you. At this stage, and if not before, all those "How's", from the very beginning, become "That's how..." :) This program also includes continuous support via e-mail and one or more online meetings, all according to your wishes and needs.

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Development of a Personal Holistic Health Plan

This is a service for you if...

-you want to better understand the concept of holism and learn more about factors that affect our well-being;

-are ready to change your lifestyle and adopt a healthier lifestyle habits;
-you want to ensure optimal health and prevent the occurrence of possible health-related problems;
-you want to get a new perspective on the current situation you're finding yourself in;

you're looking for some valuable additions to the existing medical treatments you're involved in.

The holistic plan includes an expert assessment and the presentation of information relevant to you, with a comprehensive recommendation regarding needed lifestyle changes, appropriate nutrition and various techniques of working on oneself (including asanas, kriyas, meditations, pranayama, and so on). All suggestions are made according to your personal needs.

A comprehensive holistic plan in a four simple steps:

1. A questionnaire is provided to you.
2. An expert analysis of the completed questionnaire is done and your individualized holistic plan is being made.
3. You are provided with: an audio recording, a written part of the plan and all relevant educational material, which you are studying.
4. The possibility of online live consultations opens up, where you can ask all the questions that are important to you


In addition to creating a holistic plan, there is also the possibility of developing a somewhat less comprehensive plan, which deals with you relevant issues, namely those related to: lifestyle, fasting and detox, spiritual practice, application of medicinal plants, etc.

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Individualne konzultacije

Image by Jeremy Bishop

This is a service for you if...

-you want to dive deeper into areas that we have mentioned in our Holistic Health Plan;

-you have some specific questions/needs that you would like to get answers to;

-you want to provide yourself with systematic support on your path of personal and spiritual development.

Individual consultations are a place of our immediate interaction, which brings learning, reflection, growth, development, and above all, a warm and open conversation on all relevant topics. 


These honest and more or less structured conversations touch, encourage, educate and inspire, with an aim to empower you and shed more light on those dark, yet undiscovered realms. Here we talk about "small" down-to-the-earth, everyday things that change us, but we touch the great depths, which many do not yet dare to dive..

We certainly delve deeper into the areas we have dealt with a mentoring program or a holistic plan, and the topics we open depend solely on you, i.e. on the current needs and requirements of the life phase you are in.

Do I have to mention that our consultations kniw no forbidden topics?

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Giving is Receiving

If you are in need of one of the offered professional services, but you don't have funds at the moment, feel free to contact me. We will define the possibilities of our work and you will be provided with an hour of free consultations.


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