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Remember who you are...

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Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


Touched by the idea of Wholeness, we dare to embark on a dynamic inner journey that begins with the cultivation of everyday habits, that reflect (self)love; continues with an interesting ride through the hilly ends of the mental and emotional body;  and it goes all the way to the deepest aspects of our Being.

It is a journey that leads to finding a life purpose of the individual soul and the realization of its full potential-

a journey that, despite the clarity of its destination, never ends anywhere.

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Zagrlite svoju cjelovitost zahvaljujući praksi joge... 

Online ili uživo

Grupno ili individualno

Hatha joga

Postizanje optimalnog zdravlja

Kundalini joga

Sigurno buđenje kundalini energije

Individualni satovi

Podrška vašem duhovnom putovanju

"You are a masterpiece in the making."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Gracefully step on the path of change
and touch your True Self thanks to the highly individualized services...

Green Peas

Mentoring in a Transition to a Wholesome Vegan Diet

Education and professional support toward while trasitioning to a healthier and more compassionate lifestyle...

Meditating on the Beach

Development of your Personal Holistic Health Plan

Offering a different perspective on your current circumstances, followed with the development of a plan that addresses issues of nutrition, lifestyle and spiritual practice.

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Tea with Akasha 

Individual Consultations

Structured and less structured talks that educate, motivate, inspire and transform... 

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