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Food- a medicine, or...?

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Like everything else in the Matrix, food we consume exists somewhere in the continuum of polarities.

It's supposed to be our best friend, but it can also become our enemy. It can be our medicine, or our poison.. It can be our beloved, faithful servant, or we can become its servant.. That depeneds on many things, but mostly on our attitude towards it and our attitude towards ourselves.

The relationship we have with our food is very often just a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. The one who loves and appreciates himself will always choose what's best for his body temple. He will choose that what sustaines him, nourishes him and provides him with a high frequency energy, he can then overflow into something else, but mostly into his everday deeds that leave a permanent mark on this world.

Food we consume can be alive, or it can be dead. Likewise, it can support life, healing, reparation... or it can support diseade, degradation, death. It can be fresh, organic, seasonal, karma- free, treated with love and respect, filled with pranic energy... or it can be frozen, in a form of a mere product that is filled with aditives, stuffed with toxins, low- frequency emotions and a great karmic burden... Also, it can be grown locally, or it can come to us from another part of the world, while participating in a long distance traffic and excessive CO2 emissions.

Just like us, food we eat mainly consists of water, and we must be aware that water is an element that acts like a storage. Water is a storage of information, a storge of wisdom. It memorizes all the #energy she was in a contact with, and behaves and affects in the same way (within our body temple).

Do keep these informations alive in your everday lives. <3

I invite you to ask yourself:

"What is my attitude towards the food I prepare and consume?

What do I know about the ingredients of a particular meal that is about to enter my body, and become one with it?

How was my food grown and treated? Did it get enough sun?"

Food was designed to help us, to sustain us, to nourish us, and not the opposite.

(Photo by: K.Kovač Photography)

Here is one beautiful meal, specially designed to support the healing of your root chakra. Recipe for this lovely meal will be in my cookbook. <3

Love and nothing but Love,


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