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Ana Matorić Akasha was born on the 1st of December in 1991.


Her aim is to serve others by sharing a wide variety of knowledge, regarding spiritual development, holistic health, compassionate lifestyle, and a balanced plant-based diet. The tools she uses include writing and a therapeutic work with people of different profiles.

It was her high sensitivity, followed with the feelings of anxiety and a sense of non-belonging, that illuminated her path. She recognizes them as her greatest teachers, to whom she is infinitely grateful.. Her inner journey began (and continues) with writing, which helps her to come into contact with her inner teacher and illuminate all those vulnerable and imperfect aspects of herself, that are in need of love and healing.

She has a master's degree in Social Pedagogy (Bihevioral Diosrders and Criminology) and is also a certified Mindfulness teacher and a Vegan Nutritionist. She is a long-time- practitioner of meditation and (Kundalini) yoga, currently in education to become a Kundalini Yoga Teacher. In her daily practice, she finds strength, comfort, connection and motivation- everything she needs to cope with the daily challenges of the world that we live in.


In her free time, Ana enjoys intuitive cooking, reading, gardening, walking, hiking, cycling, dancing, singing mantras, traveling, rocking, but also socializing - especially with Mother Nature, her partner and four-legged companions. She is happiest on the beach, as she listens to the sound of the waves and watches the magnificent sunset.

She is constantly learning: from her inner teacher, books and from the most diverse people with whom she comes into contact.  All acquired interdisciplinary knowledge, her personal experience of a deep, inner journey and immediate insights, are at the very foundation on of her holistic approach to the human being and his overall health and well-being. Thus, Embraced by Wholeness a synergy of intuition, wisdom, deep insights, personal experience, professional knowledge and skills and scientifically relevant techniques. It is a safe place of gentle encounter of you with yourself, with the support of a soul that has itself gone through all aspects of that experience.

Ana works with clients of different profiles and approaches each of them completely individually. In addition, she is dedicated to the creation of various written materials. She is the author of three E-manuals, and is currently working on finalizing her first book. 


Diplome i certifikati

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