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With You Leaving

With you leaving

Drowning in the ocean

Of shoulds and woulds

Full of expectations

And given obligations

Sight blurred

With projected sense of Oneness

Brought by infatuation

I befriended Mother Earth.

Found birds chirping

Animals playing

Trees existing

Spring blooming

In the deepest consolation...

With you leaving

I think

All your lifetime I was there

No time, no space

When my room was dark

In your life,


With you leaving

I befriended myself

And here, in my heart

Is where I once again

Found my best friend!

I met One

Always caring

Always listening,

Appreciating me

For who I truly am.

Loving my strenghts

And deepest wounds,

A friend

Willing and able

To sit with me

And pray

When life hurdles

For a moment

Took my happiness away. ..

With you leaving

I keep asking: "Who are you?"

I don't know.

It must have been

Out of my sight

You've pretty much grown...

Me, being just one of the memories

You mindlessly thrown.

If it serves you

Then we're invited to forget

No more turning around,

No more karmic debt...

With you leaving,

I found Universe in me

Carrying me through every storm

Having the time of my life

With myself,

The best friend I've ever known!

With you leaving

I am sorry, my dear

I was no able to forgive

But that doesn't mean

I invited anger

Beetween us, to live....

As I see forgiveness coming my way

I know!

No negativity is here, to stay...

With you leaving

I am finding my broken heart

Prefectly whole again

Blooming in the Vast Kindness

No space in it

For anger



Only unconditional love and gratitude

For all the blessings

I've already get!

With you leaving

I must say

Having you in my life

Was one of the greatest gifts from the Divinity!

The two us,

Being united,

In Infinity...

What we had

Is unbreakable, eternal

It will remain in me

Always and forever

Like a dream

The most beautiful memory

From the Sisters Heaven!

Farewell, My Friend!

Are we come

To The End?

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