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God Is My Boyfriend


And only Divinity

Can love you

The way you want to

Be loved

The way you need to, deserve to

Be loved.


And only Divinity

Can heal all your wounds

And coat it Its fragrant balm.

It can embrace all your karmas

And flaws,

Bathing your whole being

In the unconditional love and acceptance

Of Its full presence.


And Only Divinity

Is always here for you

To listen without any prejudice,

Let you express yourself fully

And encourage your voice flow,

Recognizing the sound of it

As the most wonderful music

That makes all our Universe grow.


And only Divinity

Can not be intimidated

With your success,

It will never ask of you

To do more or less.


It will empower you to grow

Even bigger

Even stronger,

Beg you to flow freely

And blossom

In your individuality…

Knowing Your power,

Knowing Its power.


And Only Divinity

Will never doubt,

Never question,

Always support.

Never judge,

Never leave.

Always stay,

Always love.

It won't ask,

Won't need,

Won't expect,

It will Be

And let you Be

Exactly who you are,

Whatever you feel like to be,

Knowing you behind of all this,

Knowing you are born free…



And Only Divinity

Can love you this way!

-For no man can do that.

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