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The Wise Observer

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Only the one who's frightened of life, feels the same about death.

Mass media are very good at pursuing their mission: creating panic and keeping people imprisoned in their own fear.

I am not speaking this from the point of view of one who fancies conspiracy theories. The people in the business are not doing it cause they are "bad "- they are simply interested in earning money and, unfortunately, it' s not a secret that fearful stories and life tragedies are selling newspapers and keeping people locked in front of their TVs.

Having said that, I can focus on the important:

Find your own definition of the world- and you'll find your destiny.

Observe your reality from the inside out, and not the opposite.

They are often leaving you with the sense of the world as dangerous, loveless place- everyone out there is a potential threat, just trying to take away your life, your health, your money, your well being... But, is it really like that?

Well.. It's not in my reality. :)

The world is as we make it. Be sure that no one can give you (or take away from you) anything without your previous approval- whenever that approval occurred.

Use your mind well.

Use it in a way that will create you peace and well being- a life of joy, and not a life of fear.

Today is a virus, yesterday was a flue, a day before yesterday was Inka's prophecy...

What will take away that "joyful now" from you next? They'll find something, you can be sure about that. They need to eat.

The real question is, will you allow them to do so?

Colour your thoughts white and stay bright!



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