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Humanity is our family

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

When did we stop saying "Hi"? When did we stop acknowledging someone's presence? "Hello, hi, good day to you"- I see you. I recognize you.

Nobody out there is a stranger. The fact that we do not share a life story doesn't make us strangers. We might be a part of a different movie, but we're all still actors. We came from the same place, and we're getting back to the very same "place" and that, in fact, makes us all brothers and sisters. We share the same basic code, it's only the beauty of creativity that slightly differs us. Manifestation is beautiful, unique, abundant. It's in its nature to burst with creativity.

But, where did all of this came from? A spider, a dog, a flower, a tree, you, me...?

When two humans grow together in one womb, they're called brothers and sisters, twins. The truth is, we all came from the very same womb. One womb gave life to all of this- never forget that. If you do, if you start dividing- ego arises. It blossoms with the idea "I am separated. I am different. I am alone. I am special. There's no one out there like me, and that's what makes me grand, better or worse from someone else." There are millions and millions of different you-s, and each and every one of them is equally amazing and special. That, and only that, is what makes you truly big, and truly small- all at the same time.

Be your beautiful, highest self, but never try to put yourself on a pedestal.

Do so, only if there's enough space on it for all...

Love, and nothing but love...


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