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I Am Nothing, Nothing Is Who I am

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

I am not a teacher. - How can I teach one, what he already knows?

I am not a guide. - On the contrary, I am aspiring one to get lost, so he could find his own way.

I am not a counselor.- How can I advise one, when only he can hear that inner voice, that moves him in a certain direction?

I am not a motivator.- How can I motivate one to go somewhere, when only he can know where is he supposed to go?

I am not a master.- How can I be a master, when the only thing we are really mastering is ourselves?

Not a teacher, not a guide, not a counselor, not a motivator, not a master, not a social pedagogue, not a writer, not a chef...

Me, I am just Me.

Me, being Me.

Me, I am nothing.

And in that nothing, I found everything.

Just like you, I am a mere seeker- that once felt like a stranger in his own land, mindlessly wandering around, through the dark...

I am the one who forgot, but also the one managed to remember- by spotting the light, that has been guiding our way home..

Me- I am just sharing messages I got on my path, and presenting techniques I have been finding useful.

Will you? I don't know. You need to try for yourself, and see if some of it fits you.

I want to tell you: you already have all the knowledge in yourself, and the only thing you have to do is REMEMBER.

You don't need me.

You don't need anybody.

You don't need just another path to follow.

Get done with other's paths. Get done with the collective lies.

You have your own path- we all do, and I know it's beautiful. It's tailored perfectly, just for you. And the thing is, it's hidden inside of you. It's burried underneath "the shoulds" and "woulds" of the collective consciousness.

It's there- deep, deep inside of your heart, and only you can find it- if you decide to dig.

At that point, I come- it's my time. I am the one motivating you to dig, by giving you a glimpse into the gold I found while digging in the mines of my inner nothingness. I just am one of those souls that are helping you to get back to your real purpose, while reminding you on all the hard work, you have in front of yourself. Insisting: that's the work, that only you can do. Nobody can do it with you. Nobody can do it for you. The work is all yours, just as the results will be!

And for that, you either love me or hate me, but whatever you think or feel towards me- it doesn't change me.

I simply continue to live my truth, as we all should; while enjoying the fact that, what was once frozen inside of you, is now awaken. A tremendous iceberg started to melt down, and you're going to experience flood. But, be aware: the hate you feel now, is just one step away from love, that will heal you and guide your way on, and on...

Is this an unpleasant position? It might be.

Pleasant, unpleasant- it's all the same.

There's no money for it. No clapping hands. No ovations. No approval. No diploma.

"Only" that deep feeling of love, that grows inside of me with each and every day, and the soundless inner voice saying: "You did it right."

- that's my reward. That's worth everything for.

Both- you and me, we graduate in complete silence, and only for ourselves.

I'll continue to write, continue to cook, continue to inspire- knowing that, I might do something, but I am not the doer. Whatever I do, that is not my identity. Everything I do is just helping me to express my real nature. All the activities I participate in are my doors to happiness and suitable portals, that take me back home.


What are yours?

Wahe Guru!



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