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Just a short story...

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

In a store, just a few steps from my home... works a lady. A lady, that has been always very polite to me. She even wanted to become close to me, so every time I would come she would talk, and talk... At times, even very private things about herself and her family.

A couple of times, when I didn't do my shopping properly, I went there to buy some veggie neccessities. I needed to manifest my dinner. And that very lady, who was calling me "My dear, beautiful neighbour" had been stealing from me- each and every time. She would bill me for my veggies 2, 3 or even 4 times more than I was suppposed to pay. So, if I took 200 g, she would charge me 500 g, or even a kilo. I knew, but for the first 4 times- I didn't say anything. I was feeling sorry for her, rationalizing her behaviour, thinking: She needs that money more than me. I know she has a daughter to feed.

Just yesterday, she did it again. This time, I felt the urge to do something. I asked her for the bill, and gently confronted her about "her mistake". She tried to find an excuse, but she didn't waste a lot of time doing so, because she knew she was caught in a lie. She didn't even ask for my bill, but gave me back at least some of the money she overcharged me. For just one bill, I figured when I came home, it was a lot of money. And how knows how many times she did such thing, and to how many people?

It's not about the money. It never was. I know I'll never lack anything. It's the principle. It's our neighbourhood store, and what is she doing- it's simply not right. I would always buy her anything she needs, if that's the case, but I can not tolerate her lying and doing such things in our calm neighbourhood. Why am I writing all of this? Like always, I just want to send a certain message...

You can not cheat and/or steal- and have, witness abundance.

You can not take what's not given to you. You are not allowed to take what, at the very moment, naturally "belongs" to someone else.

You can do so for some time, but on some level- you'll always remain poor. And, when the time is right (and for some is not until they leave their body), you'll be confronted with what you have done.

You can lie to others, you can even lie to yourself... but you cannot lie to God.

The God's eye is omniscient. It sees everything. It knows everything.

You can not hide anything from It.

At the very end, your consciousness will judge you, and that will determine your destiny.

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