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The New Dawn

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

We are living in the era of transformation.

Mother Earth began to shake- it's time to wake up!

Her voice was very sincere, very gentle, very soft… but you were determined to stay asleep, just for a while…

Now, the time has come. This is her last call and this one will be heard.

You have to wake up- sleeping is not an option anymore. You've had enough of it.

You are ready to be awakened. You are ready to get out of your bed, stand up and be your best, radiant self.

Rise up!

You are ready. You are well rested. You are empowered.

All the ones who did that a bit earlier, all ascended masters, all the angels and light beings, the source itself… They are all here, right now- to help you, to encourage you and to guide your way through in this world. You are not alone!

The time has come, to let go any resistance and embrace the change, as it comes.

You must know, you are here with a great purpose: you came here to become completely transformed. To shine brighter that you could ever image. To become radiant. To, once again, become you. Pure you, present here and now, on this earth.

Being here during this time is both a great challenge and the greatest blessing. What took ages to dissolve, to cleanse, to let go, we are able to do in this one, single life time… Thank Creator for that.

Wake up, you sleeping beauty!

There is a vast and magical world waiting for you out there... World, where your presence means everything. World, where you can be anything. You are so important! Spice it up with a dash of the real, authentic you. Enlight it with your light, colour it with your magic, enrich it with your purpose, make it warmer, with your love!

The sun is shining… Birds are chirping... Water is flowing… The wind of change is blowing…

The fire of determination is burning. Her power will incinerate everything that needs to be destroyed.

Even though Mother Earth decided it's time to wake you up, she's still very gentle and patient... She doesn't expect you to just jump out of your bed. She knows you need time, the change needs time. And you've been given that time now- time to sit back, to rest, to contemplate in the silence… Time to grow, to meditate, to ground yourself, to find yourself…

You've had your rest. Now you have your „coffee“ and step into the new day.

The new dawn is rising, and you are here to witness it.

We all are.

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