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Make your happy list!

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Pancakes for breakfast- that's just one of the things from my happy list, or something I find comforting even during the most challenging days.

Do you have your happy list- a list of things and activities that bring joy, pleasure and happiness to your life? A list that includes only what you find enjoyable, relaxing, playfull and recharging... and excludes everything else?

If not, please- give it to yourself, to your inner child, unlock your sacral chakra!

What do you love to do? How do you like to spend your time? What recharges your batteries- fills you with peace, joy and gratitude?

In a world of challanges, constant growth and striving, too often we forget... We came here to witness, experience, explore and enjoy this wonderful creation, we helped to manifest. And who knows have many breaths are you going to get? Enjoy the present moment, as it might be the only one left.

For those interested in this lovelies on the pictures: american style vegan apple pancakes (I added fresh apple to the mixture). I glazed one layer with jam, another with dark chocolate and did so until I used all the pancakes. Served them with more dark chocolate and fresh kiwi. Cause- vegan is always better!

Love you all, make your happy list!

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