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Empowering women

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

It pains me to witness how much we don't love ourselves... It breaks my heart to see all this hatred and harshness, too often we have for ourselves...

Every time you don't recognize your inner and outer beauty... Every time you are being harsh to yourself... Every time you forget how important you are... You are hurting yourself. Your whole being is in deep pain, and it's like you can hear groans inside of your heart... "Oblivion hurts"- your soul is crying...

Lack of self love it's the worst wound one can suffer. You can not see it with your bare eyes, but- once infected, it starts to spread like a disease, taking away the very source of life- your life energy, causing disturbances throughout your whole body.. Lack of self love is the greatest taker of life, the wound behind all individual and collective diseases, and also the one that heals last.

Having said that, I can fall on my knees... and beg you to accept yourself. Forgive yourself. Embrace yourself. If you can love yourself, if you can let go... If you can do it now, at this very moment... Maybe you can dissolve all your karma. Maybe you can set yourself free. Maybe you can set all of us free. And I know you have the power to do it! You are God's greatest creation- you're a woman!


Challenge #empoweringwomen accepted <3

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