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Dealing with challenges

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Two strong earthquakes and numerous weaker ones (it's still shaky, actually), quarantine, never ending stories about tragedies and deadly disease, the ghost town, people leaving their homes, walking around in masks... Snow in the begining of the spring, accompanied with cold and strong wind.. Buildings destroying, everything shaking, pounding, hitting.. Yup, we have it all here in Zagreb. My last post starts with a message: "Mother earth began to shake- it's time to wake up!" and that is exactly what happened here yesterday in 6 am.

Anyway, there is so much fear, so much panic and stress... Not only in Zagreb, but in the whole world. Me myself spent a sleepless night reflecting and listening to mantras, asking for protection, support and guidance. Overall energy field and colective consciousness are currently vibrating really low and it is hard to witness that.

But, there is yin and there is yang, and at the climax of the one, lies the very beggining of another. There is day after the night.

Stay strong and determined. Meditate. Listen to mantras. Do your yoga. Ask upon comfort and protection- and it will be provided. Find the beauty in everything that is already present, everything that is here, that was generously provided to you. Dance. Write. Draw. Paint. Express whatever it is inside of you. Pamper yourself and your loved ones, enjoy - as much as you can!

And most of all- don't forget to smile! Let your lips go up! Smile is the spice of life!



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