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Devotion is my only weapon

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Our Nabhi chakra is all about strengthening who we really are: knowing our truth, and finding devotion to live by its standards. It represents the knowledge of ourselves, knowledge of our purpose, knowledge of our power, knowledge of our worth, and the ability to set ourselves free from any doubts. It highly resonates with the energy of fire, as fire can both enlighten and destroy- whatever it doesn't serve us anymore.

Yesterday, the strength of my Nabhi was put to the test. My authenticity was challenged, as I witnessed an opening of an immense pain body. There, right in front of my eyes, the very monster was awakened and I was the one who provoked its awakening, only by asking a few simple questions, that managed to shake the ground it was standing on. By questioning the illogical "logic" the monster was built on, I made it very scared. It started to behave aggressively and, at that point, I knew- it's existence was endangered and it will do anything, only in order to survive. When the response is so emotional, so strong, so irrational, you know consciousness is awake inside of the person... You know there is so much more of it, than just the monster yelling... You recognize that internal knowledge that started to rise, and caused this inner fight. As the very base the monster was standing on started to tumble down, the monster started to bite- trying to sustain itself, no matter what.

Where there is no doubt, there is no such reaction. Secureness doesn't look that way.

Its darkness was very strong and it was fighting to pull me into it.

As my brightness couldn't feed the dark monster, it put all its efforts into attempts to lower my frequency- to an extent that will make my life energy digestible to it. It was trying very hard, but it failed to succeed. I stood strong, feeling the strength coming from my navel. In the middle of the attack, I stated clearly: No matter how hard you try to pull me in, you cannot do it. I know who I am. I know my truth. You can say whatever you want to me, you can do whatever you want to me, but you cannot make me forget.

I didn't have any doubts.

As I stood there, witnessing the great battle of light and shadow, a beautiful being paid me a visit.

It was first resting on my navel, spending the most of the time near my heart, and came all the way to my throat. It remained with me for a long time. I felt my heart chakra wide open, as I started to cry, recognizing its message: You are so loved! You are so supported! You are not alone! I am here for you. I knew it came to support me and show me that I did it right. In all that chaos, it chose me, and gave me its precious time. I was blessed- someone recognized my light.

Every day, we are put to the different test.

Every day, we are challenged.

It's the strength of our Nabhi that makes the difference. The leap of faith, accompanied with the uncompromising decision that we are going to do whatever it needs to be done- in order to be who we want to be, who are we supposed to be. Not who we think we should be, not who we are conditioned to be, but who we, really and truly, are.

Devotion- to know our truth. To speak our truth. To live our truth. That makes the difference.

Devotion is the only weapon of Light.

By healing ourselves, and ourselves only- by awakening that immense power inside of us, we are healing all souls that came into this dimension.

Courage, discipline- that's what makes the difference. Strong will. The heart of an angel, and the roar of a lion.

Gratitude, for every single thing- that's what makes the difference. It's the gratitude that dissolves and makes all disturbances to go away. Gratitude opens the cage we locked ourselves in.

All these qualities will help us to cross the bridge in front of us and reach to the other side.

(Medvednica, Croatia)

The one ready to step into the unknowingness, is the one ready to be free.

In order to begin that journey, we must leave behind all "shoulds and woulds" of this world, all lies, all rationalizations...

That is our very first step towards the bridge of freedom.

Without it, we will remain where we at. But, if we get the courage, if we manage to do that first step, we are already half way through.

Then it's up to us to close our eyes and start walking, looking with our heart only.

We are stepping on the bridge completely blind. The knowledge we gathered up until that point doesn't mean anything. We are leaving it on the other side, as it cannot help us there where we headed. On the contrary, it will be our burden.

When we do so, the only thing we can really rely on is our faith. After that moment, everything that's left is to tune in with our heart and turn all our hopes to our faith- to the very belief that everything will turn out just right. To the internal recognition of the light, that will guide our way on.

We are asked to listen and to believe to the inner voice . Without it, we are completely lost.

The strength of our faith is what determines our overall strength to overcome difficulties on our path.

And when it comes to our faith, we are asked to contemplate upon a few, very simple questions:

How much do I believe that there is an overall plan for me? That I am perfectly safe and guided? That I am in the exact place I'm supposed to be at the moment? That everything I am witnessing along the way is for a greater good? That everything I have at the moment came to me as a blessing, and out of pure love? That there is a perfect lesson hidden in each and every footstep I take?

Acceptance, faith, and gratitude are building our ability to love.

That's when devotion kicks in again. We need to be brave. We need to keep on walking. There is no looking back. We have a dream, and we'll not let it fade away- no matter what. We have a dream, that is more important than this lifetime. A dream, that transcendens any reality. It belongs to the unknown. At that point, either we take a vow that we'll l guard it with our life, or we get back.

The person whose pain body opened ended up being very grateful to me, but I knew I didn't do anything special. I was just being me. I left her in peace, and decided to take a walk... That's when I spotted this tree, growing from the rock.

(Medvednica, Croatia)

Dear soul... You, reading this!

If this tree can grow from a rock, you can become the most beautiful flower in the very circumstances you are finding yourself in. No matter where you at, no matter what's going on- you can blossom. Winter, spring, summer, autumn... No matter what, you can become the most beautiful flower. If it's shady, grow taller to get more sun. If it's pouring rain, use a shield... If it's too hot or, perhaps, too cold- find a shelter.

Adapt to the circumstances. Find a way. If plants can, if animals can... you are meant to.

And know this:

We are all children of God. And no parent leaves his kids unattendend.

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